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Powerhouse offers both competitive and non-competitive dance classes

Fall Class Information

August 9-11 will also be auditions for Prestige teams.

Registration for fall classes will be August 15. 1-5pm at the powerhouse. At registration you will pay your first months tuition and a $25 registration fee.

In January a $25 recital fee per family will be required.

This is what we will be offering.

Recreational classes in jazz and hip-hop
Tuition $25 a month
No costume fee.
A $10 T-shirt will be required.
You will not compete.
You will be in the year end dance review.
There needs to be a minimum of eight dancers in these classes for the class to be offered

Standard classes in ballet, jazz cheer and hip-hop.
Tuition $30-$40 a month depending on what class you are in.
Costume fee $65 children sizes $75 adult sizes.
$45 hip-hop shoes
Jazz, cheer and hip-hop classes will attend one competition in Vernal.
Estimate of $15 competition fee.
You will be in the end of the year review.
Ballet classes will be in the Cinderella ballet in the spring.

We offer great tumbling classes that will not compete, but will be in the end of the year review.
$30-$40 a month, depending on what class you are in.

PRESTIGE competition teams.
By auditions.
$120 - $180 a month depending on what team you are on.
This will be set up on an automatic withdrawal.
Costume fee $65 children $75 adult.
$45 hip-hop shoes
Each dancer will have four costumes. Ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary. This does not include any solo costumes or if you are invited to be in a specialty routine. We will be going to five competitions.
As each competition will vary from year to year we can only estimate what competition fees will be. $275 - $375. This would include all competitions. Again this is just an estimate. This does not include any solo fees or specialty routines.

We are now set up to do automatic withdrawals.
This will be mandatory for prestige teams and highly encouraged for all powerhouse teams.
Looking forward to 2016-2017!


Intensives and Audition Information:

Intensives June 7th - 9th July 11th - 13th August 9th - 11th

Come enjoy 3 hours of intense dancing 3 days a week! These are wonderful ways to learn new skills, improve their technique and be exposed to new choreography. These classes will cover Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. The August intensive doubles as our audition for fall team placements. If you want to be on a prestige team in the fall, August intensives are mandatory.

Beginning: 9:00-11:00 $60

Intermediate: 11:00-1:00 $60

Advanced: 1:00-4:30 $75

Accounts must be current and paid in full in order to audition for a Prestige team.

Fall registration is August 15 for new dancers.


Other Summer Opportunities:


June 10th Princess Camp Ages 3 - 10 10:00 am - 11:30 am $10


June 13-14 Tumbling Intensives

Beginning 10 - 11 $20

Intermediate 11 - Noon $20

Advanced 1 - 2 $25


July 18-19 Tumbling Intensives

Beginning 10 - 11 $20

Intermediate 11 - Noon $20

Advanced 1 - 2 $25


August 8

Fall Power Tumbling Auditions 11am


August 12

Fancy Nancy Camp Ages 3 - 10

10 - 11:30 $10


Every Wednesday Havana will teach a tech class in jazz and contemporary and Taunia will be doing ballet tech. $10 per class paid at the door.